We Help Staffing Companies Achieve Highly Scalable Growth

We Help Staffing Companies Achieve Highly Scalable Growth

Improve client value and hardwire elite performance with the ultimate Analytics Platform for Bullhorn.


Help every member of your team perform at a higher level

Create actionable insights that ensure all sales and recruiting colleagues are focused on your revenue strategy. Make every staff member accountable, expand management bandwidth and ensure no opportunities ever slip through the cracks.

“Actionable insights from cube19 are the most useful tool a business with a defined sales model can have. They ensure the sales model is being worked by your people and the results are a by-product. ”

Home Nick Gatenby, L&D Manager - Source Technology

Focus all effort on the most profitable client actions

Make it easy for your team members to see the positions and activities that will lead to a more efficient and profitable desk. Help new starters to hit their number earlier and boost retention by building the blueprint for a rewarding career in your organisation.

“cube19 enables us to easily identify areas of improvement within our team and the wider business, which helps us drive consistent results and leads to a happier workforce.”

Home Matthew Ager, Founder & Managing Director - Get Recruited

Accurately predict future revenue

Gain absolute visibility into real-time actions at all levels of your organisation, and understand how their efforts will turn into contracts. Remove gut feel, attain total sales certainty and drive decisions that will improve your future numbers.

“I can’t emphasis enough how the idea of real-time and self serve data has helped us, at all levels.”

Home Ron Washburn, Executive Vice President - Soliant Health

These businesses are winning with cube19

“With cube19, we quickly identified two enterprise clients that were consistently four times less responsive than our benchmark. We stopped prioritizing their jobs, reallocated time and submittals to other enterprise accounts and created a 10% boost to our gross margins.”

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“It can be hard to easily understand the metrics when you get to the size we are. We needed something that gave us a satellite-to-desk view of the company. We looked around at various BI solutions but cube19 was head and shoulders above the competition and laser-focused with Bullhorn.”

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“We would regularly find challenges over the source of the information, its accuracy in monthly reporting and whether the insights were genuinely being felt at ground level. With cube19, we now have the time and data to answer the important questions. Why are we working this job, this client and this market in this way?”

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“cube19 provides complete visibility across the company and allows leadership to allocate time and resource to where it’s going to have the biggest effect. Every consultant now runs their desk like it’s thier own business.”

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Bullhorn Reporting Modules by cube19

  • OneView

    Real-time dashboards that ensure everyone is executing your sales and recruiting strategy

  • Jobs Pipeline

    Gain a deep understanding of what’s going on with every job in your Bullhorn sales pipeline

  • Slice & Dice

    Intuitive ad-hoc reporting to answer any question about your consultants, clients, candidates and jobs.

  • OnPoint

    Compare and contrast the performance of different teams, recruiters and managers inside Bullhorn.

  • Trends

    Uncover strategic insights and tell compelling stories with your Bullhorn data

  • cubeTV

    Engage, motivate and inspire healthy competition across your offices & teams.

  • Marketplace

    Insights into the performance and usage of turnkey Bullhorn Marketplace integrations