The price of good recruitment can be seen in the cost of bad hiring decisions and it loses the country billions of pounds each year.

Agencies share an interesting relationship with their clients. It’s somewhat Jekyll and Hyde being battled over price and praised on delivery.

Plenty of clients love to hate their agencies but appreciate what a good one will mean for the growth of their business.

It locks you into a cycle of catering to your client’s expectations and qualifying your worth.

Agency recruitment is a cost after all and considered an expensive one by many clients. You might have a great relationship with them, but you’re only as secure as the superior service you’re delivering.

When that stops and you can’t prove your value above a dedicated in-house recruiter, an online portal or the promise of a rival agency – then you open the door for competition to move in.

Jeff Bezos put it perfectly back in his letter to shareholders over two decades ago:

“I constantly remind our employees to be afraid, to wake up every morning terrified. Not of our competition, but of our customers. Our customers have made our business what it is, they are the ones with whom we have a relationship, and they are the ones to whom we owe a great obligation. And we consider them to be loyal to us — right up until the second that someone else offers them a better service.”

Turning technology into advantage

Coasting by as average in 2019 won’t be an option. There are almost 40,000 UK agencies waiting in the wings and a growing number of in-house specialists and platforms to compete with.

To future-proof your partnerships and win new business, you need to professionalise your service and deliver what your competitors can’t.

There’s only so much you can pour into the pot to generate better returns. Which is why agencies are looking to work smarter with better processes and technology behind them.

Where do you see your agency in a year, two or beyond? Its continued growth will hinge on the strength of the technology you’re currently investing in.

Almost every corner of agency recruitment is supported by technology. From streamlining your conversions with Volcanic to making recruitment more human with video engagements at Hinterview.

You can find talent quicker with Sourcebreaker, pay your contractors seamlessly with Sonovate and use cube19 to turn the data in your CRM into actions towards growth and for driving company-wide performance.

This is just a snapshot of the hundreds of tools, platforms and apps that are championing agency recruitment out there.

Behind the technology, executive search will continue to be built on the same principles that it always was.

There’s no replacement for good relationships and technology is simply there to connect you with the right people faster and provide you with better insights to leverage.