We sat down with Kris Holland, Director of Marketing & Communications at Charlton Morris, to hear how they achieved near “biblical usage”, transitioned to remote operations, and about their plans to accelerate in 2021.


  • Exec search firm covering life sciences, medical, and industrial verticals
  • Headcount: 50 – 100
  • Perm focussed
  • Over 80% of work retained
  • Over 90% of the workforce are “highly engaged” users of cube19

Eighteen months ago Charlton Morris stood at a crossroads with Bullhorn.

It wasn’t returning value in the way that they wanted and they needed more direction at desk level.

They considered moving CRMs, but decided that the analytical advantage with cube19 also had the additional ability to mend the roof with Bullhorn adoption.

Fast Forward to the present day and they display what could be considered almost biblical usage of Bullhorn and cube19. 

Over 90% of users engage daily with the platform and almost all users dig deeper into the levels of analytics to understand why things are happening, who to emulate, and how they could self-improve.

“We removed the other options available. You can’t commit to implementing a new process whilst carrying a safety net with you in case you fail.”

They removed the whiteboards and spreadsheets and replaced them with the data universally accessible in OneView and Jobs Pipeline. 

Conversations around compensation plans, promotions, and reviews became aligned to what showed in cube19. If it’s not in there, it hasn’t happened.

“During the initial months there were still some spreadsheets tucked away, but once we saw the accuracy and outcomes move we were all fully invested.”

“Consultants are putting better information into Bullhorn because they know what it means for the information they get back from cube19. They’re helping themselves.”

“You can be a lot smarter with what you put into Bullhorn when you know what’s capable and what you want to see coming out of cube19”

“It’s utility breeds adoption. When consultants start seeing their numbers move they use it more.”

Leaning on the data to come out of COVID-19 leaner 

Last year markets were affected unevenly, but all staffing businesses would have felt the brunt of hiring freezes and uncertainty.

Charlton Morris operate in sectors where demand continued, but the pandemic did dramatically change the way they work.

“Aside from the odd principal consultant as an outlier we were 100% office based before COVID.” 

As was the case for the vast majority of staffing businesses, the overnight shift to remote work left many struggling to replicate the infrastructure remotely.

“cube19 had already created a remote playbook for us unknowingly. It’s a universal hymn sheet for what good looks like. In any market, from anywhere in the world.”

Having leaderboards show cross-company performance remotely is a morale booster that maintains a sense of unity across teams.

The platform is designed with scale and virtual leadership in mind. 

It restores confidence, brings full visibility, and allows consultants the freedom to document their progress without micromanagement.

“We utilised the furlough scheme, which meant we actually had less people working a similar amount of opportunities. It meant we had to be more efficient with smaller resources.”

“There was more time for us to revisit how activity was progressing through stages and understand what was working and what wasn’t.”

Charlton Morris has major growth plans in 2021 and a performance playbook ready to deploy.

“ With cube19 we have everything in place to run, monitor, and track every element of everything we do as a business in one place.”

Finding a partner as unique as our process

“The way we work is unlike others. We’re targeting mid to senior level execs and there’s a reason over 80% of our clients are retained.”

“A lot of agencies fight it out in a talent-short market, but we’re always hunting for vacancies and clients.” 

“Working so closely with clients means tripling down on content leadership, advisory, and acting as informers to lead our conversations with customers. Our metrics and how we use cube19 is customized to reflect that.”

“We have indicators mapped towards where we can lean into business development and have been using cube19 to identify trends during the pandemic in verticals, clients, and locations.”

“We’re also looking at the effectiveness of our eShots and how content performs.”

“It’s slightly higher up the sales funnel, but means we’re engaging with customers much earlier and going beyond providing a shortlist of candidates”

Charlton Morris are consultants in the true sense. They operate as an extension of their clients and  apply a content-driven approach to building microsites and inbound campaigns.

“cube19 gave us the evidence to be more consultative and forceful with clients. We can turn around and say we’re sending X candidates and you’re not interviewing them in the timeframe”

“We can make a confident business case for retainers and ringfence our rates because of the proof of performance we can show from cube19.”

Closer client relationships were absolutely essential during the pandemic, but it’s something that should be the primary concern for businesses before it moves under the microscope.

Charlton Morris finished the year on a strong footing, better efficiencies, and a little leaner. They have the springboard in place and the blueprint to launch and scale a contract business in 2021 with cube19.