16 Real-Time Metrics To Manage Your Remote Workforce and Empower Your Team To Succeed

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“cubeLite sits right inside Bullhorn and helps everyone to see what's happening in real-time"

Joe Blogs, Director at Staffing Company

Helping teams to stay productive whilst working remotely is a huge challenge staffing leaders face. To address this need, we’ve created the leanest, lowest cost version of cube19 that we could possibly imagine. cubeLite is a real-time dashboard exclusively for Bullhorn customers designed to help you manage your team, monitor your clients and run your business from anywhere.

Pricing starts at £15/user per month.

OneView Lite + OnPoint Lite


Dashboards that provide an automated, real-time view of set priorities
  • Remind your team about their most valuable tasks with Priority Metrics
  • Focus individuals on executing your strategy with Key Metrics
  • Focus on the right clients to keep your business moving with Client Filters
  • Quickly access the information you need to coach your team (no matter where they or you are in the world).


Comparative reporting for offices, teams or individuals
  • Compare the performance of any office, team or individual against another
  • Centrally manage targets for every employee or team
  • See a record of targets set and the user or team’s performance against it

How is cubeLite different to cubeX & cubeEnterprise Packages?

  • Rather than pulling all of your historic data from Bullhorn we are only starting from January 1, 2020
  • You will not be able to create any company or team hierarchy and will work from a flat team structure
  • There is no dedicated data checking, data quality consultancy or telephone support. Basic email support will be provided
  • Features such as Actionable Insights, Trends, Slice & Dice, cubeTV & Jobs Pipeline are not included in cubeLite
  • Admin access will be limited to basic User Admin Timezones, Targets, Company Settings, and IP Restrictions
  • Custom Timeframes, individualized OneView Pages, Groups/Teams/Tags, User Team History, Ratios, cubeTV, Actuals Uploads, Jobs Pipeline Admin are not available in cubeLite
  • There are no Deal Flashes, no music, no news feeds, no trend charts, no Leaderboards
  • You can’t export data from cubeLite to CSV, or upload data from CSV to cubeLite
  • Metrics provided are standard and cannot be filtered, configured, customized, split/combined, deduplicated or otherwise modified in any way</li >
  • Additional Bullhorn fields will not be mapped in
  • No contract revenue metrics including ‘Invoiced Actuals’ will be provided

We understand that you may have more complex requirements you would like to address that cubeLite doesn’t support
When the time is right, you can easily upgrade to cubeX or cubeEnterprise.