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    “With cube19, we quickly identified two enterprise clients that were consistently four times less responsive than our benchmark. We stopped prioritizing their jobs, reallocated time and submittals to other enterprise accounts and created a 10% boost to our gross margins.”

    Jeff Pierce, Director Technical Operations eHire, Atlanta GA Jeff Pierce, Director Technical Operations
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    cube19 has made our transition to a 100% remote workforce seamless and easy. To say we’d be flying blind without it is an understatement. At the highest level, it gave us the confidence to not panic. We've been through a couple of these other recessions, and we know what we need to do to get out of it. We did all the usual cost-cutting you'd expect but we stopped short at cutting staff. We stayed calm and made a commitment to ourselves and our team and said 'as long as things stay above this line, we're going to keep all of you employed'

    David Smith, COO & Founder Triple Crown Consulting David Smith, COO & Founder
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    Thank goodness we got cube19 in place before all this happened. Since bringing in the tool, everyone has visibility over everything we do and our activity has never been better. For me, you can’t build a successful recruitment business without cube19.

    Ben Dalzell, Head of Marketing Propel London Ben Dalzell, Head of Marketing

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    Since the implementation of cube19 staff are more engaged, administrative usage of Bullhorn has improved significantly, all staff now have greater visibility and clarity on targets, their performance against these and the levers that help them achieve those. Overall NFI per head since implementation has increased by on average 15% per head too. cube19 has become an integral part of the business and I would highly recommend.

    Graham Hugill Finance Director, Project Resource Graham Hugill
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    “Everybody at all levels of the business has a clear and simple view of the activities they are responsible for, from a recruiter checking their own activity & pipeline to an MD reviewing the same items for an entire region. cubeTV is really good at helping to drive competition between offices/regions. The support team are friendly and efficient and the customer success team keep in regular contact to ensure we’re getting the most out of the system.”

    Dan Martin, Head of Systems NES Global Dan Martin, Head of Systems
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    The ability to compare and contrast the performance of different teams, locations and managers in a single platform, enables us to make data-driven decisions quickly and easily.

    Bradley Lewington, CEO Spencer Ogden Bradley Lewington, CEO

Customers Stories

  • Soliant Health

    It can be hard to easily understand the metrics and the details when you get to the size we are. We needed something that gave us a satellite-to-desk view of the company. We did look around at various BI solutions but cube19 was head and shoulders above the competition and there were none that were staffing specific and as laser-focused with Bullhorn. - Ron Washburn, EVP
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  • Charlton Morris

    The way we work is unlike others. We’re targeting mid to senior-level execs and there’s a reason why over 80% of our clients are retained. - Kris Holland
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  • Darwin Recruitment

    cube19 gives me a snapshot of the entire business, to immediately see what’s going on and without it I’d lose an enormous advantage - Paul Kirby, CEO
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  • eHire

    eHire increased contractor redeployment by 134% with faster decisions - Jeff Pierce, Director of Technical Operations
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  • Spencer Ogden

    Implementing cube19 helped us to increase revenue and margins during periods when there were fewer jobs to fill and fewer clients hiring - Bradley Lewington, CEO
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  • Finlay James

    Everyone can track their performance in real-time and identify trends over a longer course. Our targets are more secure and our consultants strive to be in the green - James May, Managing Director
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  • CSC Recruitment

    A 39% increase in sales that brings data to the heart of our decision making - Mark Skinner, Managing Director
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  • Triple Crown Consulting

    Triple Crown takes recruitment performance to the next level with Actionable Insights - Michael Morrison, Sales Analyst
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  • TechNET IT Recruitment

    cube19 helped us seamlessly transition to a new CRM, optimise it and instil a culture of data consciousness throughout the company with everything we do - Shayne Simpson, Operations Director
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  • Focus Cloud

    After implementing a competitor towards the end of 2019, Focus Cloud returned to cube19 in the first quarter of 2020. - Ryan Thompson, Digital Marketing Director
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    I used to spend a lot of time looking through different reports and collecting information to have a one-on-one meeting with a consultant. Now I get an iPad and quickly dig into all the info I need. This means that I spend more time actually understanding performance and making suggestions to improve it, rather than just getting the data together.

    Matthew Sykes Recruitment Manager, Spencer Ogden Matthew Sykes
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    Before cube19 I would give Bullhorn adoption across the company a 3/10 and now 8/10 just 3 months into using cube19.

    The improved Bullhorn usage is due to improved visibility and transparency of data. Everyone now has access to valuable insights that help them work more efficiently. If it's not in cube19, it's not in Bullhorn. We can identify if data is missing in real-time so the team is encouraged to track their activity correctly at the time it happens. We can see where things are going well, and sometimes not so well, and more importantly, we can understand why.

    Martin Blythe Managing Director, Searchability Martin Blythe
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    As a CEO, having access to company performance data at the touch of a button across multiple time zones is critical. I spend more time on cube19 than I do on Netflix and I wonder how I ever ran the business without it

    John Gaughan, CEO Finlay James John Gaughan, CEO

Warwick Neutze on cube19 & RDB

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    With cube19 we can drill into every metric to get much more detailed information and get answers to all our questions in just a few clicks. It saves us a significant amount of time.

    Mathew Westcott Managing Director, Fuse Recruitment Mathew Westcott
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    Our consultants love seeing their names at the top of the leaderboard and now make a huge effort to get correct data into Bullhorn. One of the most exciting pieces for the team is when a deal is made and the consultant's name and deal song of choice are broadcasted across every sales floor. It's such an effective communication tool to highlight new sales and it creates a positive buzz in our offices.

    Joel Stein Associate Director, Precision Sourcing Joel Stein
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    Jobs Pipeline from cube19 has transformed the way our consultants work by making it easy for them to see in-depth information about every job they are working in a single dashboard. Jobs Pipeline has made a massive difference because it’s now impossible to miss or neglect opportunities without the consultant or our management team knowing! This is leading to increased productivty, billing and a greater focus on which clients and jobs to prioritise.

    James Burdis, Director of Operations Hanover Recruitment James Burdis, Director of Operations
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    Since implementing cube19 in November 2017 we have been setting targets and objectives that encourage the team to self-manage. This renewed focus on core activities has led to a 123% increase in sales compared to the same period last year, whilst the headcount has remained static. The team is very happy with their new autonomy, and cube19 has more than paid for itself many times over.

    Christopher Purdy Christopher Purdy, MD at Greenfield Christopher Purdy
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    cube19 has been instrumental in our growth to date. The clarity across the business around expectations for performance combined with the ability to analyse our outputs, lets us spend our time focussing on growth. It is an essential tool.

    Tim Barber Director at JBM Consulting Tim Barber
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    cube19 has totally changed our business for the better! We now are able to make better, more informed decisions as we grow the Energon business. Using cube19, we are able to set specific and measurable targets for our consultants which motivates them and helps them to manage their activity more effectively, ultimately increasing productivity and NFI. Since onboarding with cube19, we have increased our yield by an average of 18% across the business. It's the most valuable tool that I use to manage performance.

    Lloyd Axten Associate Director, Energon People Lloyd Axten