EngageX 2020, the online experience, saw thousands of staffing and recruiting professionals connect virtually to network, learn, and discuss current challenges and opportunities.

EngageX was two full days of content built around maximising your Bullhorn investment and the broader ecosystem. If you want to catch up on some of the highlights, read on.

Art Papas Opening Keynote

Art Papas, Founder and CEO of Bullhorn began the day with the opening keynote addressing the current state of the recruitment industry. He was able to share some unique insights that Bullhorn has collated from their access to activity from recruitment businesses globally over the pandemic.

In short, key indicators and job orders dropped to 50% activity in the pit of the pandemic, and most sectors recovering to down 30% from regular activity. However, we seem to be on the right track heading towards a ‘V’ shape recovery.

Art asked attendees in a live poll, ‘What is your projection for Q3?’ 70% expected growth.

He then highlighted the opportunities that have emerged from the pandemic for the recruitment industry. One opportunity is the creation of new roles that didn’t exist pre-COVID. He told a story of a Bullhorn customer who had placed 4,000 temperature-takers in the US, a role that didn’t even exist 3 months ago.

This pandemic has also prompted the transformation of remote work across the globe. As we shift back to a new normal, remote work will have a whole new meaning. Roles that previously would never have been carried out from home have been able to successfully shift to remote work. This is something that would not have been possible without the advancements made in technology, AI and the cloud.

Another opportunity that has emerged is the realisation of how important building and maintaining relationships is. This has highlighted not only the benefits of automating menial tasks but the necessity.

Previously recruiters have feared automation as if it will outweigh the need for the recruiter. However, now business’ are realising that time is so much better spent building relationships with candidates and clients. Going forward, automation will perform sourcing, screening, scheduling, reference checking and background checking in many forward-facing businesses.

Dr. Dava Newman Keynote

Dr. Dava Newman, MIT Apollo Professor of Astronautics & Former NASA Deputy Administrator took to the screen for the second keynote of the day. She shared lessons learnt throughout her career that many recruiting professionals can relate to now, such as; how to learn from failure, the role of a good leader and the importance of diversity in the future of work.

Dr. Newman shared her innovation framework, a system that she developed during her role of leading a diverse group of talent at NASA. She explained that there are four kinds of innovation:

  • Continuous Innovation: With your existing organisation and technology, what can you do every day to be better and to improve?
  • Revolutionary Innovation: What can you accomplish when you keep your existing organisation model but implement new technology?
  • Disruptive Innovation: What can you accomplish when you take your existing technology but adopt a new approach?
  • Transformative innovation: What challenges and opportunities are present when you start completely from scratch with new technology and a new organisational framework.

To wrap up, Dr.Newman shared her key takeaways from the pandemic in relation to the power we have to transform the future of work.

  1. Good leadership has the power to transform and bring in new ideas
  2. We have to adapt quickly to make the most out of the current landscape
  3. The pandemic has exposed our weaknesses: we need to learn from our mistakes

We must leverage the new technologies and opportunities available to us to solve inequalities. Can we learn to make a better world for individuals and for ourselves?

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

Catherine Johnstone

Growing Your Staffing Firm in a Post COVID-19 World

Barry Asin, President of Staffing Industry Analysts, held his own breakout session drawing on SIA’s decades of research in the staffing industry.

Barry discussed the massive potential for innovation and new solutions to emerge as we begin to recover from COVID-19.

“A downturn can be an accelerant to change.”

Barry Asin, SIA

Adam Pode from SIA also shared insights showing predictions for heavy falls of GDP in 2020 overall. With the UK worse at -9.1% and Europe overall predicted to shrink by just over 7%. The good news is growth rates for 2021 are predicted much higher than those expected before the crisis. Although there is still so much in the realm of the unknown, it’s encouraging to see that we are on the brink of recovery, be it ‘U’ or ‘V’ shaped.

Matt Fischer ‘Vision for Innovation’

Bullhorn CTO Matt Fischer opened day 2 with his keynote showcasing the Bullhorn ‘Vision for Innovation’. This session showcased both the roadmap and aspirational advancements in Bullhorn’s product lineup to help customers drive better engagement, productivity, and growth. 

“Technology has become the backbone of the pandemic for relationships”

Fischer spoke passionately on the importance of technological advancements. Now is the time to make the investment in technology and digital transformation. The inevitable snapback will be aggressive and the growth will return. Do you want to get left behind?

“Investment in technology today will pay dividends in the future.”

Matt Fischer, Bullhorn

As Platinum Global Engage Partners we’d like to thank everyone at Bullhorn for there efforts in keeping us all connected and updated throughout this time. As always, we look forward to the next Engage!