We sat down with Dave Steinbraker from Metro Systems to talk about gaining clarity across their entire business, using insights to support remote work and growing at an exceptional rate.

Dave Steinbraker has been in the IT Staffing market for 20+ years and is co-owner and co-operator of Metro Systems, a rapidly expanding, IT staffing firm with a presence in multiple US geographies and client verticals.

At a glance

  • Significantly increased average start margin by 38.2% after reducing from 50 to 29 recruiters
  • Improved visibility of activity across teams and departments
  • Increased total revenue by 15% YoY
  • Provided better value for candidates and clients by driving higher return on less resources
  • Used insights to enable their staff to work from home
  • “cube19 allows us to do more with less.”

“We introduced cube19 to our tech stack in the hope of gaining clarity on our staff’s execution and delivery, and that’s what we got.”

In the first 2 years of Metro System’s partnership with cube19 they have seen an exceptional return on investment. In their first year, total revenue was up 12% YoY, and in year 2 it was up further by 15%.

“Our growth objectives are simple. To continue doing exactly what we do – expanding our business through our relationships.”

As a recruiter, your time is your most precious resource and by freeing it up through automation of menial tasks and manual reporting, you can focus on building lasting relationships and providing an unforgettable candidate experience.

cube19 automates time-consuming tasks from account management to business development and account care calls, allowing consultants to nurture the human-touch element of staffing.

“Our performance is sharper and cleaner because we are able to execute each step within our process to a consistently higher standard.”

“cube19 has allowed us to continue on an exceptional growth rate, despite changing and adjusting to the world, Covid-19, remote work, and all of the new restrictions that are now applied to our business.”

Not long after implementing cube19, amongst the rest of the world, Metro Systems faced the struggles of Covid-19. We asked Dave how the insights they received from cube19 contributed to Metro’s response to market pressure.

“We had to go home instantly, we were a very ‘in branch’ culture and everybody was scattered to work remotely. We weren’t sure how we were going to do that, but cube19 gave us some semblance of a connection because we were able to watch real-time how and what exactly our team was doing, which allowed us to continue to succeed in a remote environment. So much so that we have adopted that as our strategy going forward in that we don’t necessarily need a branch every day. cube19 provides flexibility for our staff to work remotely and still succeed.”

cube19 connects team members, no matter where they are physically. Customers like Metro Systems utilise our platform to maintain productivity by having the tools to provide remote coaching and assistance whilst making data-led decisions across each area of their business.

“Our staff members are more efficient and they have better visibility which enables them to better execute their role, because they can track their individual progress in cube19.”

The visibility that cube19 brings encourages businesses to engage recruiters with their own data and performance. This helps them clearly understand their fastest route to success based on the activity of their top performing colleagues.

“cube19 puts everything into one place with quick easy clicks that allows you to not only produce as an individual but manage your staff and dig into where your business is going and where it may need to improve.”

After decreasing from 50 to 29 users in March, Metro Systems YoY Quarterly heads dropped by an average of 39.3% (as expected). With the help of better visibility and clarity across all activity, average start margin has increased by 38.2% since then.

“cube19 allows us to do more with less. Since implementing cube we’ve got more out of less people, less transactions, and are able to drive better value for our contractors and our customers.”

“cube19 gives us clarity on every aspect of the business, from consultants, to candidates to clients. It’s used at every level, to execute everything from day-to-day recruiting to quarterly reviews and board reports.”

“The insights we receive from cube19 will enable us to grow expeditiously, which is a key part to achieving our goal of being in the top 1% of staffing. cube19 will allow us to expand that efficiency.”