Not seeing the Candidates you have shortlisted in cube19? Can’t find any traces of that CV Sent you logged in Bullhorn? Can’t work out why the Placement which started today isn’t showing up in your Placement metrics? 

Worry no more! Here are some tips that we recommend you try when investigating missing Bullhorn data before raising a ticket with our Support team. 

After doing all the hard work of logging your activity in Bullhorn, we appreciate that you want this data to show up in your cube19 metrics and consequently contribute towards your targets. 

1. Checking that the activity has been logged in Bullhorn

Fairly simple step but it’s worth checking as a starting point to your investigation!

2. Ensure that you’re looking at the correct time frame

Sometimes when a month starts mid-week and your default time frame is set to This Month, only the data for the second half of the week will show.

3. Look into what date the metric utilises

Most commonly for Placements and Interviews, they can either go off the Created Date or the Interview/Placement Start Date. If you have added 10 Interviews for next month, these won’t show for This Month if the metric goes off the Interview Date.

4. Make sure you know what the Bullhorn data metric is supposed to do

More often than not, some metrics have been renamed, which may confuse what they do and what they’re supposed to be displaying. A quick way of checking what the default metrics do, is by going to Menu > Admin > Metrics > Master Metrics where you will find a list of metrics with a small description. Should you not have access to this section, you can ask any users who have the Metrics Admin permission to check this for you. If there is a specific metric that doesn’t appear in the list, you can raise this with our Support team so they can explain the exact logic behind that metric.

Below are some of the more common issues we come across regarding missing Bullhorn data

Q. We added this new Note type in Bullhorn and I have created multiple Notes with this type. Why is it not feeding through to cube19?

A. When it comes to updating a mapping in Bullhorn, whether that’s adding a new Note Type, Currency or even a Placement Status, you would have to let us know so we can add this to the mappings on our end. In essence, we don’t listen for any updates to your Bullhorn configuration, and we won’t automatically map it in as we don’t know whether you want this to be displayed within cube19.

Q. Why are all my 2nd and 3rd Interviews feeding through to my 1st Interviews metric?

A. For customers that log their Interviews through Appointments, we look at the Type field to determine what type of Interview it is. If an Interview is feeding through to your 1st Interviews metric, it usually is because the Appointment Type is set to ‘Interview’. To fix this, you would have to update the Appointment Type to be ‘2nd Interview’ or ‘3rd Interview’.

If any of the above tips or scenarios don’t solve your issue, we would recommend dropping a quick email with a screenshot of the activity (ideally containing some form of Candidate, Client or Job ID) along with the metric in cube19 that you are expecting to see.

Hope this has helped and as always, don’t hesitate to get in touch if you need anything else!