Jobs Pipeline

Manage Every Single Process in One Place and Instantly Understand What’s Going on with Live and Closed Jobs

Jobs Pipeline provides real-time, automated insights on live jobs so you know which ones need attention and which ones look most likely to close.

Everyone can see the stage, value and activity against jobs which removes subjectiveness from pipeline conversations, improves forecasting ability and contributes to an increased fill rate.

Jobs Pipeline
Jobs Pipeline from cube19 has transformed the way our consultants work by making it easy for them to see in-depth information about every job they are working in a single dashboard. Jobs Pipeline has made a massive difference because it’s now impossible to miss or neglect opportunities without the consultant or our management team knowing! This is leading to increased productivty, billing and a greater focus on which clients and jobs to prioritise. James Burdis, Director of Operations, Hanover Recruitmenthanover-recruitment

Uncover Opportunities

Get the most out of every process

With every current and historic role at your fingertips, you can unlock opportunities of current roles or go back to analyse candidates or clients that can be reengaged.

Analyse your pipeline like never before

Filters and dropdowns let you quickly find the roles you’re interested in. Jobs Pipeline groups roles by recent activity, so you can instantly identify the actions that will lead to increased revenue.

Improve Performance

Different views for Leadership to Resourcers

Jobs Pipeline can be configured for each job role in your organisation. So when your people log in they only see what’s relevant.

Work seamlessly in Bullhorn

Correct errors in your Bullhorn CRM with native shortcuts next to every job that takes you straight to the record.

Faster Decisions

Built for your business

We set up your Jobs Pipeline to mimic your business structure by separating the recruitment split of contract and permanent.

Replace complicated with simple

Jobs Pipeline makes managing, analysing and deciding the next best action on a large volume of jobs, a breeze.

Answers, fast

Each pipeline has a simple visual summary including; bespoke weighted pipeline value, total pipeline value and latest activity

Make The Right Decision And Work The Best Jobs

  • Recruiters & Resourcers

    Search previous placement’s to find new opportunities 
    With all your active jobs in one place every time you log into your CRM, it’s easy to manage your open jobs effectively

  • Directors & Managers

    Find Answers By Easily Searching Multiple Pipelines & Processes
    Check the health of every job your team is working, where the activity is concentrated and where the efforts of your team are best placed today and in the future.

  • CEOs

    The Latest Updates On Every Process and Keep Track Your Pipelines
    Get a 360 degree look at every pipeline no matter where the office is in the world. With Jobs Pipeline you can drill down to see key information at every stage. Daily check-ups, client health checks, and highlighting problem areas for the business are all possible at the click of a button.

Bullhorn Reporting Modules by cube19

  • OneView

    Real-time dashboards that ensure everyone is executing your sales and recruiting strategy

  • Jobs Pipeline

    Gain a deep understanding of what’s going on with every job in your Bullhorn sales pipeline

  • Slice & Dice

    Intuitive ad-hoc reporting to answer any question about your consultants, clients, candidates and jobs.

  • OnPoint

    Compare and contrast the performance of different teams, recruiters and managers inside Bullhorn.

  • Trends

    Uncover strategic insights and tell compelling stories with your Bullhorn data

  • cubeTV

    Engage, motivate and inspire healthy competition across your offices & teams.

  • Marketplace

    Insights into the performance and usage of turnkey Bullhorn Marketplace integrations