“Hey, can we filter our data by something like location, vertical market, temp or permanent focus, or something else in OneView?”.

Does this sound familiar? Maybe you want to see performance for all users based in Frankfurt, but these users are spread across your IT, Pharma and Accounting divisions, so using the normal group structure either includes too many other users, or doesn’t capture everyone.

Help already exists within cube19 in the form of Tags, and a major OneView enhancement is on the way!

You can ‘tag’ users with similar characteristics, like industry or location, so any reports can either capture only those users, or exclude them if you prefer. It’s possible to do this for individuals, and also for Groups so any members will ‘inherit’ that tag for as long as they are assigned to that group. You are not limited to one tag per person, any number of tags can overlap, so your reports accurately reflect a very specific data set.

To give an example, your business’ group structure in cube19 is organised by Location > Industry Division > Perm / Contract, with no sub-teams for verticals. Adina is working in the UK on your IT division, working perm roles within the .net market. 

Without tags, you can’t easily collate Adina’s performance with her colleagues who work the .net space from Australia, Canada and Madrid, but if all those users have the .net tag, you simply ‘match’ the tag and cube will only return the results for those users.

To date, Tags have been available in Slice & Dice, Trends and for creating cubeTV slides. Soon, you’ll be able to leverage the power of tagging within OneView giving you greater visibility and flexibility over your data set and a simple way of accessing the insights that Tags can offer.


If you don’t already use Tags in OneView, this would be a great opportunity for you to investigate how they can add value to your business before the imminent enhancement is released. Here is a link to our Tags Admin Guide to help get you started. If you have any questions, please contact support@cube19.com