Most of you will be logging your CVs Sent, Interviews and Placements already as standard – which is great, but what about the stages in between? Are you recording your Offers? What about your Rejections?

If you want to get more out of your data, why not look at logging Offers and Rejections as part of your standard workflow. 

Logging offers and rejections in Jobs Pipeline

The Offers part of this is really simple. By implementing Offers, you will be able to see how many candidates made it to Offer stage and how many of those then made it to placement. 

Wouldn’t it be good to see who did not make it to Offer/ Placement stage and why? Just by adding a few different Reject status options, you are able to see this. Think: Consultant Rejected, Client Rejected, Interview Rejected, Offer Rejected. 

Is the quality of your CVs not good enough? Are your candidates not fully prepped for their interviews? Or is that one client just really tricky to work with? 

This will then also display in Jobs Pipeline. Instead of your candidates being “stuck” at Interview stage, why not add a column for Rejected and have them show in there. 

Logging offers and rejections in staffing

** This is Jobs Pipeline without a column for Rejections. The most recent Activity on the Sales Associate role is 1st Interview

Logging offers and rejections in staffing

** In reality, the candidate had their 1st Interview but then didn’t progress.

My recommendation would be to group all of your pre-Offer rejections together in the Pipeline and have a separate option for Offer Rejected. This increases visibility even more. 

An added bonus is that your Shortlist will be populated with a whole bunch of useful information on candidates you have screened previously, so you have done all the hard work already. Someone that was rejected by a candidate due to their location only, can be perfect for a role closer to home. You end up with a huge library of useful information on your screened candidates. 

Sneaky Bullhorn top tip: when logging your Rejections in Bullhorn, on the Edit Shortlist/ Change Status screen, enter a note as to why the candidate was rejected. Bullhorn will then log the Rejection on the job as normal and will also add a note to the candidate with this info so when you look back at the candidate, you can see why they were rejected without having to check the jobs.

Logging offers and rejections in staffing