We sat down with Michael Morrison, Sales Analyst at Triple Crown Consulting, to hear about the value of cube19 on reporting, revenue and the relationship in-house analysts have with the platform.

“Prior to cube19, we tried various market solutions to streamline the use of accurate data with the same frustrating results.”

“We would regularly find challenges over the source of the information, its accuracy in monthly reporting and whether the insights were genuinely being felt at ground level.”

Businesses can’t confidently take the fastest steps to revenue if they’re waiting on their reports or tolerating inaccuracies.

There’s an enormous difference between having the data at your fingertips – when you need it – and making improvements with hindsight. cube19 removes the delays and bring analytical certainty with real-time decision making. 

“Effort is coded into the DNA of sales at Triple Crown, so when we have accuracy and direction with our data – there’s an absolute guarantee of improved delivery.”

“cube19 gave us that accuracy at speed and opened the data up to everyone in the business. Gone were the days of waiting three hours on a report from me.”

cube19 is a Growth Analytics Platform that serves multiple functions across a recruitment business.

It provides a vantage point for leadership to oversee the activity, performance, and direction of the company. 

Managers can use it to identify where micro-training is most needed, accelerate the period of hire-to-profitability and improve the inputs of every individual in their team.

Recruiters can see which clients to prioritize, the right coverage to apply to jobs, increase their redeployment of contractors and understand the actions they’re not taking.

But, what about the larger organizations that more than likely have an existing team of analysts?

Built for recruiters to recruit and analysts to analyze

cube19 is a platform that complements the addition of in-house analysts and not, as an alternative or “either-or” option.  

The use of company-wide visibility, leaderboards and gamification dramatically increases adoption with the CRM, which in turn, delivers far healthier data to analyze.

If an analyst is spending their time building reports and pulling disparate figures from multiple spreadsheets and individuals, then they’re not spending their time analyzing. 

In the same way that if your business is dedicating its time to report building, then it’s not using real-time data to drive real-time actions.

“As a sales analyst, I run monthly reports. Immediately after the implementation of cube19, I was trimming hours off reporting by two-thirds.”

“If you consider the compounded effect of every hour saved in reporting across your organization, each month, each year – the effect is enormous.”

“It was designed for staffing businesses and built with practicality in mind.”

Tangible benefits that impact everyone

Every head within the company has eyes on the same reports and real-time activity. It incentivizes and unifies the company to run as one.

“It has a chain reaction on inspiration and competition. You can feel a notable effect on energy and morale that travels across every office.”

“Time might not be a currency, but any technology that can give you valuable hours back from essential tasks is proving its value.”

“The time I previously spent building reports, I now spend reviewing with the right people to impact positive action.”

“Before cube, we were scratching the surface in deconstructing the “why” behind the “what” in our sales pipeline.”

“We now have the time and data to answer the important questions. Why are we working this job, this client and this market in this way?”

What actions should your recruiters be taking – that they’re currently not – that will pull the levers on revenue. It’s that speed of awareness that allows businesses to outpace the competition.