Getting candidates to the interview stage is a great success marker. It demonstrates that your team has met the brief and delivered quality to the client. When candidates progress to further interviews, reinforcement of quality work is evident as the chances of making the placement increase significantly with each key step taken in updating candidate progress in Bullhorn. This data is truly invaluable

Why stop at a simple CV to 1st Interview ratio? What are your 1st Interview to 2nd interview, or Further Further/Final Interview to Placement conversation ratios? Do you want to have visibility over the whole spectrum of the interview process, from pending interviews, booked interviews and interviews happening in a given timeframe? With the correct workflow in Bullhorn and a diligent approach to tracking interviews, cube19 offers clarity on all aspects of your interview pipeline. 

“I get it! Just show me how it’s done!”

When updating candidate progress in Bullhorn, use these 2 simple steps:

  1. Change the shortlist/submission status
  2. Add the appointment with an interview meeting type to match this

Updating the shortlist status will allow you to quickly see what candidates you have in play and what interview stage they are at in your job/ shortlist list in Bullhorn and also Jobs Pipeline in cube19.

Adding the appointment means, again, you can see exactly what stage your candidate is at but this gives you the added bonus of being able to report over created vs event date. The created date of the interview will match the date the shortlist was updated. The event date is normally at least a few days, sometimes weeks, after the created date. We can set up metrics for Interviews Booked (looking at created date), Interviews Happening (looking at event date) and Interviews Pending (upcoming).

Updating candidate progress in Bullhorn

Having every subsequent interview go into Further Interviews is good as you can measure 1st vs Further. 

Updating candidate progress in Bullhorn

Here at cube19 we recommend breaking your Further Interviews down as well so you can really start tracking how much it takes to close a deal. Does it take 3 interviews and a Technical Test? Is it a simple 1st and Final?

Updating candidate progress in Bullhorn

Top Tips from cube19:

  1. Instead of looking at Interview Appointments in your Shortlist/ Submission tab, look at the Appointments under the Activity Tab instead as this will show you all appointments and not just 1st Interviews.
  2. Review the following system settings to make sure your shortlist and meeting types match: Interview Scheduled, Job Response Status and schedule Type List.
  3. If you are looking to split out your interviews, review your workflow icons as these can match your interview types (these can be found in your Bullhorn System Settings).
  4. Why not get rid of the whiteboard in the office and use the Pending Interview Whiteboard report in Slice & Dice to see what interviews you have coming up and who they are with?