Last month we sat down with Ryan Thompson, Digital Marketing Director of Focus Cloud – a specialist Workday HCM & financial agency with 30 heads that offer both contract and perm services. We asked what recruiter friendly analytics looks like, how cube19 measures up to the competition, and why the solution goes beyond numbers on the board.


  • Doubled headcount to 30 heads
  • Expanded into the S&P market
  • Returned from a competitor
  • Rapid implementation without training

“Before cube19, the reporting we had wasn’t strong enough. We couldn’t deep dive into the activity on the actual sales floor and see how the ratios were connecting to the financials.”

“We wanted visibility into our teams’ day-to-day and to know what that meant from a financial vantage point. What could we do better at an individual level to move the bottom line.”

“Instead of being a number on the board we wanted to know what was progressing, what wasn’t, where, and why.”

cube19’s recent introduction of Actionable Insights enables businesses to pro-actively move against activity gaps by highlighting where each recruiter should be focusing.

It allows each recruiter to see:

  • Contractors approaching assignment ends without extensions in place or CVs out
  • Live jobs without submissions
  • Candidates added without specs or CVs
  • Contacts over 30 days without contact

“We used to make decisions from gut feel, our memory, notes, previous activity and what we had scheduled.”

“We now know how many CVs have been sent, which are progressing to interview and what those financials will look like.”

“It’s about putting financial confidence against the activity. Our leaders love it and it’s acted as a comfort blanket for supporting our growth over the last few years.”

Choosing cube19 a second time

“We were early adopters of cube19 and there was no reason for leaving. There wasn’t anything missing or problematic.”

“The salesperson just did what salespeople do well and sold us on a promise.”

After implementing a competitor towards the end of 2019, Focus Cloud returned to cube19 in the first quarter of 2020.

“It didn’t behave how we thought it would, or how we were told it would. It was less intuitive and harder than it needed to be to navigate around the system.”

“We were enticed in by the attractive gamification, but once you got under the hood it was a different story.”

At cube19 we invest heavily in packaging analytical depth with simple use. It’s something that’s felt more acutely once it’s missing or when businesses try to recreate it in-house.

“cube19 sits there and the dashboards are clearly signposted to display everything exactly where it needs to be.”

“The things that were missing, or hard to locate with the competitor, were exactly what our CEO and leadership were asking for once cube19 had gone.”

“We returned because cube19 is the polished article, it rapidly evolves, and the people behind the tech understand both Bullhorn and recruitment intimately.”

Recruitment friendly analytics

cube19 is an out-of-the-box solution that every recruitment agency can build a complementary tech stack around.

“It sits comfortably in Bullhorn and simply displays what you need to know. The visuals are great and it’s incredibly clear.”

Bullhorn doesn’t always break down things as clearly as you’d like and with cube19, even the most technically challenged can find what they need.

cube19 allows you to filter by clients, individuals or jobs, assign priority metrics and identify trends in charting.

“There’s a simplicity that cube19 brings with its recruiter friendly reporting. Everything is intuitive and the results are a testament to that”

“There’s no long training sessions needed at a user level. It’s easy to understand how to navigate the system and we were up and running really quickly.”

“In the last two years we’ve doubled headcount to over thirty, expanded into an entirely new vertical and will be looking to use cube19 as a blueprint for replicating that success across a new team and office in Gatwick.