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Ask a recruitment leader what they would most like their business to achieve this year, and invariably the response will be to increase revenue. And by that, of course, they mean make more placements. But with digital and in-house intelligence creating a ‘war of attrition’, there’s a huge talent-shortage. Or is there?

Join us for a breakneck morning of exploration around candidate attraction, tackling topics including [re]engagement marketing, quicker job-fills and brand optimisation. Three topics to help your consultants make more placements.

Candidate Reactivation: A Strategy You Can’t Afford to Let Lapse

Speaker: Kristie Perrotte, founder, Thrive Marketing Communications.

Until October 2018, Kristie was Director of PR & Communications, Europe & Middle East for Robert Half International, where she spent 14 years.

Unquestionably, data is now the world’s most valuable resource – and for recruiters, it’s our lifeblood. Yet, research shows that customer attrition rates could reach 50% if databases are left dormant over a sustained period. How confident are you in your candidate CRM?

In this session you’ll learn how to identify and segment inactive candidates, determine strategy, select re-engagement tools and measure results. And as attracting a new candidate costs six-times more than keeping an existing one, candidate re-engagement is a strategy worth developing.

Fill More Jobs, Faster

Speaker: Alex Moyle – Founder, Recruiting Gym

During 20 years in professional recruitment, Alex has trained 1000s or recruiters and 100s of managers to grow fees and profits.

Every minute spent on a job you do not fill is wasted, yet every day thousands of recruiters spend time on roles that are unlikely to convert into fees. Most leaders know what a “fillable” job is and when they should jog on. Yet, when leaders review their teams prioritisation, they often find their teams working on “long shots”.

Alex’s session will help leaders embed a system of effort-prioritisation that will ensure more time is spent on vacancies that will convert into fees.

Optimise your Brand for Outstanding Experience Generation

Speaker: Clair Bush Am-Bush Marketing

A marketing consultant and mentor to the recruitment industry, Clair has over 12 years experience working with agencies and recruitment technology providers.

“You have to speculate to accumulate”. “You have to give, to get – pay it forward”. Two well-trodden sentiments, indeed. But for these to become the cornerstone of a great business strategy you need to know what, to whom and why you’re giving…This is where knowing all about you and your brand is essential.

In this session, we will look at why personal branding is SO important for recruiters, what are the components of a great personal brand and how to promote your brand to optimise the success of your business and deliver an awesome experience.

Each session will be followed by peer-to-peer discussions. Networking drinks and light lunch between 12:00-13:00.

Registration from 09:00, with the first speaker at 09:30.


Kristie Perrotte
Kristie Perrotte

Thrive Marketing Communications


Alex Moyle
Alex Moyle

Recruiting Gym


Clair Bush
Clair Bush

Am-Bush Marketing



Feb 14, 2019
09:00 – 13:00 GMT


The Curtain, 45 Curtain Road, London, EC2A 3PT