As part of our mantra to help our customers build a world-class data culture, making data accessible is one of the key principles that make this possible. The easier data is to access, the easier it is to segment and analyse. Users will leverage it more frequently and the business can take action more swiftly to capitalise on easily identifiable insights. It’s all about reducing friction.

More detailed analysis will always be available in Slice & Dice and Trends, but with the majority of users living in OneView, our goal with this latest release is to enhance the options in the hands of the people at the heart of your business.

Bringing you the power of Tags to OneView.

Is your business more complex than users in group A do this, and users in group B do that….? Are there users from both A & B who share certain characteristics, but not with all their teammates? Tags let you pick, combine and compare data beyond the confines of any specific group. 

Launching on Monday 21st June at 9am BST for Enterprise customers, filtering your dashboard by different characteristics will be as easy as clicking into ‘Filter by Tags or Clients’ on the top right, and selecting which Tags you want to see. 

When filtering by Tags, you have 3 options:

  • Match Any – Returns data that matches any one of the Tags selected
  • Match All – Returns data that matches all of the Tags selected (users can have multiple Tags)
  • Exclude – To remove certain data from your results

Want to review all the perm consultants in the business? No problem, use the Match Any option.

Want to see how the Infrastructure vertical is performing, despite being spread across your 6 locations? Easy peasy, use Match Any again.

Want to see the data for users who do both Perm and Infrastructure? Simples! Just Match All.

You can even combine both Tag and Client Filtering to see exactly what you want directly on OneView. 

For full guidance on setting up and assigning Tags in cube19, please refer to the guide here.

OneView Page Tabs

When it comes to making your data more accessible, OneView Pages help to ensure that streamlined, relevant information is visible to the right people. You can place a suite of refined perm specific metrics in front of your Perm consultants or create a revenue focused page for your finance team or directors. It’s super easy to design and apply different OneView pages for different groups or user profiles. 

Now, for Enterprise customers, we’ve made navigating between different OneView pages (a privilege reserved for “OneView Super Users”) even easier. Each page will now appear as a tab within OneView itself:


This permission is assigned on a user-by-user basis in the User Admin section. Simply select the user and toggle ‘OneView Super User’(Quick guide)


Get stuck into creating different OneView Pages now! Here is a guide to get you started.

We hope these enhancements continue to elevate your cube19 experience. For further guidance or support, don’t hesitate to contact