The biggest innovation in recruitment has been with us all along, but most of us have just been approaching it in the wrong way.


Since the explosion of big data a few years back how many agencies are now data rich, but remain information poor?

You need to look at your growth analytics to determine what is truly driving your agency’s bottom line.

Real innovation is about mobilising your data troves into actionable and intelligent insights that you can then make decisions with.

CRMs are not storage lockups and data insights is more than a buzzword. That said, how do you evolve data from lots of information to add real value?

Engage your team

It starts with engaging your recruiters with their CRM.

A huge disconnect exists between how recruitment leaders think their consultants are using their CRM and the reality. Findings from Barclay Jones suggest that 90% of directors expect their CRM to be the first port of call for recruiters and yet only 17% of their staff actually follow this.

Firstly, do your consultants really know why accurate and regular data entry is so important to improving their own performance, or your agency’s productivity?

If you haven’t shared how recorded activity and an information rich CRM is used in your agency then they might not see the value in data entry.

Avoid making it a chore by visualising its importance and gamifying the process. At cube19 we provide a clever use of leaderboards, KPIs and incentives to clearly communicate live data entry and performance.

Don’t fear GDPR

All the scaremongering around GDPR and its consequences might make you think the death knell for data and CRMs has been rung.

It hasn’t. We should really be considering that better data management and a data cleanse might actually help the industry, and your recruiters, in chasing some untapped leads.

Further findings from Barclay Jones suggest that 80% of placements already sit in CRMs prior to the roles being advertised.

GDPR is a good line in the sand to revisit your data management, how you recycle it and how you can then mobilise it.

Salesforce suggests that 70% of the data in your CRM should be retired after a year, so it’s likely your CRM is long overdue a hygiene check anyway.

There are some pretty simple steps to compliance and if 80% of last year’s placements were sitting in your CRM then just imagine what you could be doing in 2018 after a deep clean.

Communicating data insights

Are you drawing the information you need from the data you have?

If you’ve solved the issue over data entry then you need to make reporting your next priority.

Not everybody is tech fluent and the ability to quickly and easily monitor your data is critical – analytics for recruiters not analysts.

How can you automate the process and how can you integrate with other systems to gain a 360 view of your agency?

Data has a depreciating shelf life so taking a week to put together a monthly management report or figures for a board meeting, means you’re already working with devalued data.

It comes back to everything being reported and quickly accessible. Can you pull a report and drill down into performances or financial forecasts with a few clicks? It’s about right now recruitment. What insights can your data tell you that you can action right now?

As it stands, only 17% of agencies use real-time reporting to shape their business decisions.

Next steps

You’ve mobilised your data entry, automated processes and can draw the insights easily… but are you actioning them?