We sat down with Spencer Ogden to find out how implementing cube19 has benefitted their business. Having been founded in 2010, Spencer Ogden has grown significantly in its 8 short years trading, with an impressive 400+ employees across 12 offices globally. Spencer Ogden needed a way to see patterns in the massive volumes of performance data generated by their global workforce. Hidden in this sea of data were the secrets behind market conditions, KPI performance and data quality within Bullhorn. 

Management made easy

70% of Spencer Ogden’s new staff come through an academy model, which is a two-week intensive training program. The majority of hires are graduates with no experience in recruitment, and limited B2B sales experience. During the early stages of their recruitment career, they live by KPIs. It’s really important that they are able to access this critical information, and get into that mental discipline of working towards KPIs.  

Having cube19 in place also meant that managers didn’t need to have years of experience as the data was at their fingertips. With 40 teams across the World competing with each other, Spencer Ogden uses cube19 and its data to create healthy competition between the teams — cube19 visualises the team achievements with the use of leaderboards and cube19 TVs.

Improved data quality

“Before implementing cube19, Spencer Ogden was manually handling many of the things that cube19 now does automatically. It was time-consuming, expensive, and prone to error. cube19 combined business intelligence with gamification tactics to ensure the Spencer Ogden management team could look at our global performance data in real-time with total confidence. cube19 drives much better data quality and allows us to make smart decisions faster,” Bradley Lewington, CEO. Spencer Ogden has seen the accuracy and completeness of the data on their CRM, Bullhorn, soar. This is due to the fact that consultants can instantly see their KPIs changing in front of them and they are based solely on the information entered onto the CRM.

Data-driven business decisions

As well as revolutionising the management and motivation of employees, Spencer Ogden has benefited from making data-driven business decisions. “Having access to real-time information at your fingertips also means you’re better positioned to read trends in the market and identify problems in your processes. For example, we could see early on when the oil market began to crash and as a result made strategic changes to retain clients and outmaneuver our competition. Implementing cube19 helped us to increase revenue and margins during periods when there were fewer jobs to fill and fewer clients hiring,” Bradley Lewington, CEO.

Smarter working with cube19

cube19 is providing benefits to every area of the business and enabling smarter working. Using cube19 Spencer Ogden can find answers to business questions in a matter of seconds. The improved visibility and transparency that cube19 delivers to Spencer Ogden has been integral to the success of their ambitious growth plans.