It’s not been the easiest year for recruiters, and whether you’re a team leader or a CEO, chances are you and your team have had to adapt to remote work in the strangest year of your career yet. 

The resounding theme amongst our customers at the moment is that if you have any experience recruiting, then you’re back at the coalface, even if you’ve been a non-billing manager for the last five years.  

The problem is, now you’ve got your own productivity target as well as a team who have their own, how can you easily pinpoint problems and areas for improvement for your team when you’re doing recruitment full time again? 

Enter OnPoint for Remote Work

With a few clicks, OnPoint lets you report over all of your metrics of interest for your whole team and presents them in a single matrix, including performance against target if the users have them set. After a regular two minute glance at an activity report every day (remember to save it!), you can take comfort knowing that most of your consultants are working towards/ahead of target, and identify those who need some extra help. 

Rather than daily catch-ups with every consultant, focus on those who need the most support, and allow those who are delivering to carry on with their momentum. 

Your team review time just got cut in a big way, and now you can focus your time on generating new opportunities for the team.

Remote work

If you look after a more experienced remote work team who don’t need such close attention, why not run this report less often, once a week or once a month? Make sure you’re checking midweek or mid-month however, as there’s nothing worse than getting to the end of a week or month to find out it’s been wasted. Identify issues during the week/month when action can still be taken to remedy weaker performance.

It’s not just short-term activity reporting you can do with OnPoint, you can also report over longer time periods to identify long-term performance against target and adjust accordingly. Even better, click into the cell and click ‘Trends’ to directly track performance against target over time.

Remote work

Not only is OnPoint a great place to access long-term trends in seconds, you can also add custom Ratios to your report to manage quality as well as quantity. Everyone’s ratios have taken a strange turn this year, but you can use OnPoint to spot outliers within the team, and add tremendous value exactly where it’s needed.

Remote work

Even if you’re not pushed for time, OnPoint is a fantastic place to manage your team, whether they’re working remotely or next to you. Set up a few key reports for your team including ratios and sales activities, save them, and have an entirely custom report suite available at your fingertips 24 hours a day.