Rapid advancements in new technologies are allowing recruitment businesses to grow and become more efficient, but they are often met with challenges of engagement and driving adoption across the business.

As an ex-recruiter and team manager, having spent 14 years working for various recruitment and recruitment tech businesses, I’ve seen how difficult it can be to get your business engaged in new systems and implement new processes & workflows.

Many software solutions have a single clear benefit or feature set for a specifically identified persona in the business. It may be a tool for your marketing team to run recruitment campaigns or job posting tools for your recruiters. Other tools have benefits and functionality that is more multi-faceted in terms of the persona’s it needs to engage to maximise the ROI. cube19 is designed to benefit persona’s throughout the hierarchy.

Since joining cube19, in early 2016, I have worked with hundreds of recruitment businesses and have noticed a common trend across those that get the best results: every part of the business has involvement in cube19.

So how can you and your business get the most out of cube19?

Here are a few pointers to help you when driving adoption and engagement across the business:

1. Recruiters

Your recruiters are the backbone of your business. OneView provides them with real-time actionable insights, ensuring they utilise their time efficiently. They will have easy access to their recruitment activities, like how many CVs or Resumes have been sent to their jobs and how many interviews have been booked, as well as which contractors they have on assignment and who is finishing.

Applying Priority Metrics across each user will help them to understand the activities they should be prioritising and where their focus should be. Couple this with Jobs Pipeline, the real-time, configurable dashboard, that helps them to identify where the best placement opportunities are, and you are giving your recruiters everything they need to work as efficiently, which is crucial when driving adoption.

Using Jobs Pipeline allows the user to see which jobs are most active and which stage each candidate is at in the recruitment process. Splitting the jobs into activity filters helps them to prioritise which jobs need the most attention and which jobs are being neglected.

2. Managers/Team Leads

As well as utilising OneView and Jobs Pipeline, your managers and team lead need to have easy access to their team’s activities and keep an eye on overall performance. Slice & Dice, the ad hoc reporting suite lets them create and share almost any report in seconds to analyse user activities, clients, jobs, candidate activity, revenue, fees and much more.

Our Managers Toolkit gives them direct access to a number of key reports and data that helps them manage their teams & clients effectively. This could be the Client Activity report that shows how many calls have been made to specific customers or how many jobs and new managers have been added. Run detailed activity reports across consultants to see where jobs are coming from and where time is being focused.

OnPoint allows them to create a dynamic and customisable snapshot comparing how multiple offices, teams or individuals are performing against targets across multiple metrics and ratios.

The combination of these features will give a manager everything they need to run teams of any size.

3. Operations/Analysts

Very often, your Operations team and/or analysts will spend hours going through your CRM to find out your source ROI for media spend, running reports for contractor care and activity across the business. Slice & Dice becomes integral to gathering this information around candidate and placement source, time-to-fill and day to day activities for senior management.

Tracking data for incentives or looking at contractors finishing and perm starters could not be easier now, freeing up the team to focus on other daily necessities. Trends takes recruitment metrics to the next level, beautifully graphing them, so analysts and managers can quickly see trends over time for any metric. They can easily analyse trends for multiple KPIs at once – ie. 1st Interviews and Total Sales, compare year on year trends for placements and KPIs. or compare data for different teams or users across the business.

4. Finance

Your finance team often have to check CRM data against your timesheet and finance systems to accurately gauge revenue. Using Actuals to ingest timesheets, credits, retainers or other adjustments, cube19 will not only contain projected revenue data but will contain highly accurate financial data, unleashing the full power of cube19’s suite of features. Allowing CFO’s and recruiters easy access to financial data helps them to see projected against actual revenue. Being able to see what percentage each of your contractors works in their assignments or having access to how much is billed in each step of your retained process, cube19 gives full transparency across the business.

5. Internal Marketing

The Marketing team help to create that buzz in your business, designing bespoke material around company announcements and incentives. cubeTV brings gamification to the business. Leaderboards can be customised to promote healthy competition between users and teams as well as being based on different metrics across the business.

Deal flashes will bring your offices to life with each team or user having their own deal music, bringing the bell or the gong into the 21st century. Bring cubeTV to life by adding your very own YouTube video and custom images to help drive competition between your teams.

6. Business Owners

As a business owner, nothing is more important than having full visibility over the key activities and revenue figures that help the leadership team run your organisation successfully.

Being able to use cube19 on your smartphone to get instant access to real-time data in your business lets you see what’s happening and where with a mobile optimised dashboard at your fingertips. Each of cube19’s features offer insights into each area of your business. Whether that be key information around written business for the month or your projected/actual GP figures, cube19 can act as the hub that gives you instant access to your companies data.

Using this information to make data-driven decisions will help you to understand what success looks like in your business, replicate this, and allow your business to grow.

Driving adoption is simple when your users can visualise what’s in it for them on a daily basis – cube19 makes this simple.


cube19 is helping many businesses to grow, with one customer citing that within twelve months of implementing cube19, they have seen average sales per head increase by 39%. Not only has cube19 helped with sales and revenue, but it has also lead to driving adoption of CRM, with another customer commenting that better CRM usage is due to improved visibility and transparency of data. Everyone now has access to valuable insights that help them work more efficiently.

Putting data at the heart of the business is how each recruitment company will flourish in the coming years. cube19 is here to help you understand your business, increase revenue and help scale and grow your company with data-driven decision making. If you want any further information on any of these features or how to bring them to the forefront of your business, get in touch for an informal chat on what cube19 can do for you.